Child Soldiers are less important than the support of “His” kind

February 25, 2013 in The Arena

By Number One Son


According to El Presidente here  Maintaining the good relationships this White House has with Libya, Yemen, South Sudan, and the Democratic Republic of  Congo which entails the supplying of military material and  support is more  important than upholding America’s belief that Child soldiers are a really really bad thing.  As passed by an unanimous vote in Both houses in 2007, it was decided that the US would not,nay, Could Not support countries that openly recruit and train child soldiers and that we would not give them xyz monies including military support so long as they did so (here).  Well, I guess who ever “his” people are over there just need our financial and military support more than we need to live with any semblance of decency or honesty.  And this guy thinks that American deserves to perish since it is not moral enough and he does things like this….