Dear Rep Ruth Gulick

March 7, 2013 in The Arena

By Number One Son

As witnessed here at and not in person, NH State Rep Ruth Gulick said this among other things  in reference to the reduction of state payment towards “fringe” benefits such that some state employees would have to chip in more for what they receive at our expense, “I am a superb parent because I give them an allowance and I pay for their food and clothes.  And thats the end of the story”.  This appears to say that part of being Responsible  custodians of this state is to take care of our employees such that we give them what they really need just to live, and then a little more so they can buy pop after school.  Parental analogies flow like water from the mouths of Liberals, both squishy liberals and full fledged fascist authoritarians.  Contrary to what the Grok brought up though, its not the direct parental analogy that angered me….

She said said that this town is better off for these people doing there job.  Well, I disagree.  I disagree emphatically.  Forcing moral relativity onto real Americans has been such a sport in Liberal theology for so long that they don’t even recognize that relativity cuts both ways.  Is a public works dept worker filling pot holes less impacting than a private company pothole filler?  The statehouse burger flipper is somehow more vital to the average person on the street than the diner burger flipper?  Is the child custody social worker actually more important in picking up the pieces of bad parents than the person that shows by examples what a good parent is to a trouble child?   Everyone that does there job and does it well “contributes to the well being of all others” Madame Representative.  I know all to perfectly well that the “Forgotten Man” has been forgotten long long ago, the example of your mentality is the result not of Progressive superiority, but of its gains cheifly through “stealth and deception.” Problem is this ma’am, the mask is off, at the crowning moment of your kinds ascendency of power.  Problem is this ma’am, you and yours will be the recipents of decades of backlash when enough everyday Americans figure out how to really listen to you and what has been done to them by force of law, media manipulation, and moral extortion.

I do have slightly different take on something that  Skip from Granitegrok who posted that clip said.  His statement that her parent analogy was “poilitcally incorrect” I believe to be in error.    I must say given the source and its intent, no, it was perfectly “correct”.