Dear Rep Ruth Part two

March 7, 2013 in The Arena

by Number One Son

Too bad, so sad but there is more contempt she is due.

The its not enough for the parent analogy to been seen as condescending to the public.  Because those in American government must be held to a unique kind of morality and responsibilty that befits the nature of the American Character and the Constitution, and in light of the pervious posts point, you dear Madame also just said that your kids (state employees) are better and deserve more than other peoples kids (those in equivilent positions in the private sector).  In the name of what I can hopefully merely assume is you “looking out for them” you wanted to speak up and for them and their  interests.  Thats fine.  But what is not fine is the example you have displayed that is all too common, that somehow people in government are somewhow inherently more deserving then others.  No ma’am, Humanity and everyday people deserving the totality of the fruits of thier labor is the only Just beginning point for an American Republican Representative.  Oh, did I remind you just then?  That all those that are elected in American are by definition Republican Representatives?

In ending, its important to state that human history is frought with wars having been fought for and against such selfserving and self congratulatory notions of “Deservedness” when combined with positions of genuine power.  The once great example of America was that we could have these battles with words thanks singularly for the First Amendment,  so that open conflict could be avoided.  So precious is the First Amendment.