Lincoln is indeed dead

February 15, 2013 in The Arena

Deader than even I ever thought apparently.

By Matt M

After enough allusions between Lincoln and Obama in the first couple of years of his personal dismantling of America I provoked myself to an intellectual exercise.  That being, what could a Progressive do with Lincoln?  Well first of all, Progressivse by definition destroy everything that is not them to either collaspse them into political structures or to destroy them outright.  That being a truth, they “re-envision” things that their opponents hold dear, and over a long enough time “transform” things that are irreconsilable to their goals to something that appears to be an outright advocate of their goals.  The man the myth the legend of Lincoln is no different.  To them, we must be seperated from our own history.  Lincoln to a Progressive is proof of that government is absolutely necessary to the acheivement of their forms of morality.  To them it was the power of government that forced the public into its better self.  To them Lincoln is evidence that American wants to be servants of a “Just” state.  To them Liberal Marxism is the core of America that only gets “revealed” bit by bit.

At every turn Progressives earn their evility .  They must be confronted as such.