Oddity about Liberal Marxists thought

March 7, 2013 in The Arena

by Uatu

Common sense deliniates perfectly the absurdity of one of Marxist Liberality’s cornerstones.  Diversity can not be the real goal of Marxist Liberal thought even though they have nearly destroyed entire cultures with its suposed superiority.  Diversity in a healthy sense is to be dynamic, in its utilitarian sense its resourcefulness.   Well common sense demands that Liberal diversity is counter productive as proved by this simple elemental truth, that all persons grounded in individualism can be as social as they want, but those grounded in societal concerns first, those of a Collectivists mindset, can not be as individualistic as they want.  Its far easier for an individual to be social, than it is for a Socialist to be an individual.

Collectivism demands abdication of individualism.  Diversities singular well spring is individualism.  Therefore Collectivism must then also be the enemy to Diversity.

hm look at that, two oddities for one today