The Blog and Essay Arena

This section of Sons of Enoch is a declarative area of three kinds.

The first is our blog area, named Read a Thought Leave a Thought, it is open to the public and offers thoughts on current events and immediate topics and themes.  We encourage anyone that is able and willing to offer up a genuine thought of there own, to respond.  That means friends and self composed adversaries alike are able to post there own reactions to a blog entry.

 The second area,  Know Speak Stand, is our short essay area, a collection of condensed thoughts on the foundational and elemental dynamics of Americanism as well as Liberal Marxism not to mention a few other themes of social order and human nature.  All that with simple yet noteworthy observations, both good and bad, on the lot of them.    As with any discussion attempting to flesh out such grand themes, what we really are talking about is our understandings of each nature of mankind,  individuals/societies, and   government.  When all that is thrown together, therein, each their respective roles as understood by each individual.

 The third area is really the middle ground between the two greater halves of this site, the Sons of Enoch Store and this exercise of free speech.  Called Meaning behind the Shirts this is where the logo of a shirt is fleshed out and or declared differently by our team here at the The Sons.  While the wearer can claim any meaning the shirt holds for them, and we encourage that, here we briefly mention its inspiration on our part.