The Language of Sequester

February 26, 2013 in The Arena

By Uatu

Once one learns how to listen to Liberal Marxists, a new world opens.  Its an ugly world where every noble notion of humanity is systematically made vile with its requisite revision through the lense of politics.  Mr Obama is deliberately using language as a tool, as all Liberal Marxist do.  The usage is not to communicate as is the nature of langauge, but to force and exploit through manipulation of word usage.  In this most recent case, he is “explaining” what Sequester means to America.  He is really doing two things instead.  One, he is telling the American people what he will do and simultaneously instructing his audience who should be blamed for the effects of his actions.  Two, he is threatening the American public with hardship that he will Willfully inflict because they do not faithfully follow his every whim.  The hardship that he has been so careful to explain in detail is not the natural ramifications of Sequester, the facts say differently.  Therefore the hardship must have a different origin.  The hardship he has been laying out is the punishment he will deal out if the public does not do two things. One is an action, the other is an understanding. One, the public should accept every thing he says and then turn on every Republican and conservative so that they lose the 2014 elections, thereby removing that last obstacle he has to total power. Secondly we are to conceed that we the people are in fact wholly subservient to not just the Machine of Politics, but the to the Greatness of Himself.   Like every battered spouse, he knows without a doubt that the hardship he has orchestrated is something that we “brought on ourselves.”